Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Kyle's Field Trip to Moab
Kyle got to go to Moab this weekend for one of his geology class. He got some pretty sweet pictures. Here are a few.
Kyle loves sleeping out under the stars. It was about a high of 60 degrees during the day and a low of about 27 degrees during the night. What a view to wake up to.
The Sunset
Here are some night shots
Kyle loves to be outside and loves to go on adventures and vacations. He is a very good photographer. I always can't wait to see all his pictures when he gets home and hear all his stories.


Every year we try to have a girls weekend and go shopping and to the scrapbook expo in Salt Lake. Even though none of us really scrapbook it is still fun. We had a blast and laughed our heads off all day and night.
We learned how to make a bumble watch-at the scrapbook expo- see we really don't scrapbook...
About 11:00 at night we all started getting a little silly, maybe because we had been walking around all day and sitting at our scrapbook table looking at all our scrapbook stuff which we don't really use. So we decided to play "Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat, or star." We were laughing our heads off and were probably a little delirious.
Chelsie had to go around to five tables and offer people some of her popcorn.
My mom had to go to the Cold Stone booth and see if she could get them to sell her an an ice cream that normally cost four dollars but she only had two dollars.
We don't have a picture of my dare because we were all laughing too hard to take one, but I had to go up to a random stranger and give her a hug and say "Aunt Jill, I haven't seen you for so long!" The girl was seriously SO confused! She just hurriedly walked away while shaking her head and saying "I am not your Aunt Jill. I have no idea who you are."
For Mandis dare she had to go to the front of the announcer booth, in front of the people in that booth, and in the middle of the expo, dance for 30 seconds then jump up and down with her hands in the air while shouting, "Did I win? Did I win? Did I win?" Yeah- we are all dorks and all related!
The next day we went shopping and just did "whatever we wanted". We had such a blast and I look forward to next year already!


Spring Break in Boise
Steve-O, Nancy, Amy, Kyle, Ben and I all went to visit Shane and Ellen in Boise for the weekend. It was good to see them and fun to all hang out together.
We went on a forever long drive to Hells Canyon. This Big Horn Sheep was right at the mouth of Hells Canyon. These are cool animals. This is about as far as we got then we turned around and headed back to Boise. It was a very long drive, but very pretty in some parts.
We went to Camel Back Mountain for some fun. We set up the slackline for a little entertainment. This is how Steve-O likes to do it.
Amy looks like a pro. Twas a good split second picture because the next second she was on the ground...
Kyle is getting pretty good at it. He can do about 3 steps before he gets bucked off.
After we all tried a couple of times we all decided to adapted Steve-O's way of doing things. Tis much easier.
Baby Ben loves his Grandpa Steve-O


4 months
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 14.9
Percentile: 50%
Sleeping through the night? Nope.
I know I am not a professional photographer by all means, but at least I am taking pictures. Maybe once I get used to taking pictures then I can practice my skills. Here is our boy at 4 months. He has rolled over a couple of times. I am not really sure that he knew what he was doing at the time, but he appreciates the joy and excitement that comes from me when he does it. He smiles much more and can recognize his mommy and daddy's faces. That is fun for us. I have got him to giggle a couple of times, but still has not figured out that that is what he is doing or how to keep doing it. It is so much fun watching him figure things out and grow. His sleep patterns vary from day to day. He still gets up about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours at night. Some days it is rough, but for the most part I do not mind it. My favorite time when he wakes up (beside at 3 AM) is when he wakes up for the day. He gives the biggest smiles and is so happy to see me. It really makes me smile and have a great day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


In the last little while I have noticed that I am going out of my mind. I don't know if it is just being overly...I don't have a word for it...overly something, but I am going to really lose it someday if this keeps up. I think that sometimes I swear I hear Ben crying. I will go to listen only to find out that he is not. I think at night when we are in bed I "hear" Ben crying because I am so worried that I am not going to hear him when he really is crying. Also I want to get him right when he cries so he does not wake Kyle up. Like that will happen tho because Kyle is such a heavy sleeper. He goes to bed very late most nights and gets up very early to go to school. I want him to get the most sleep that he can and not have it interrupted. He tells me that it is OK if he wakes up and that he does not mind at all waking up for whatever the reason may be and that he likes to wake up, but I just want him to get a good night sleep and save all my "wake kyle up moments" for the next time I am pregnant and need ice cream, sprite, or cherrios in the middle of the night.
When Kyle gets home from work and I am dead asleep he wants to talk to me. I try and stay awake but that only happens very rarely. Last night when Kyle came home he went to give me a hug and I told him be careful Ben is sleeping on my chest. I was seriously convinced that he was. When in fact he was sound asleep in the next room in his crib. I did not want to hug Kyle because then Ben would get smooshed.
Am I an over-protected mother? Are these normal thoughts? Back to when I "hear" Ben crying I will go check to make sure he is not. I don't hear him. I will wait a little longer to make sure. Then I will go back to what I was doing and hear it again. I will tell myself that I am just hearing things. A couple of minutes will pass and I can't take it any more and I have to check again to find that he is crying. Needless to say I don't get much done when Ben is napping and I wake up more times during the night then is needful. It is really wearing on me. Has anyone felt like this? Is it just a stage?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Bens New Toy
I was cleaning our basement the other day and found this. It is amazing what you can find when you clean something out. I brought it up stairs and cleaned it off and put Ben in it to try it out. He loved it! When he accidentally hits one of the buttons that make it light up and play music he just squills and watches in awww trying to figure out what is going on. It is so much fun watching him play with his new toy. I have to put a towel around the front of the seat because he likes to chew on ton it. He gets it soaking wet, but if he loves it then I don't mind.


Indian Pow Wow
This was a really cool Indian Pow Wow that was held on the USU campus. There were Indians set up in corners of the circle and each of them would take turns singing or chanting while the others danced in the middle. There were booths set up around the outside of the circles that really showed the Native American culture. It was a great experience. It made Kyle and I think of the time our truck broke down in the middle of the night and we had to get a ride to Rexburg from my grandparents. They took us on the back roads from Pocetello to Rexburg so we could see Fort Hall and where all the Indians live. It was a very interesting drive and fun to see that part of town.
Yes Wild Bill was there! I am not sure why, but he was there bare foot in all.
If Scotty did not have on Aggie attire and a hippy beanie I think we would have lost him from within the pow-wows. He could fit right in. Just give him a loin cloth and a tomahawk and let him roam.


A little Bit Of Randomness
On Fridays I get to tend these little minkees. Jack always loves to build a tent because it is always raining inside my house and we need shelter. So we build tents and Jack entertains me with stories about hippos and campfires and whatever else happens to be on Jacks mind at the moment.
Ben loves to do laundry with me. He is not an ideal helper, but he makes me smile while I am doing it. He is such a fun boy that makes cleaning and laundry and whatever else I am doing interesting and drawn out. I love doing things with him even if it takes me the entire day to do one load of laundry.
Ben's very first life jacket. Now he is ready to go kayaking with us on the lake and swimming. Now all we have to wait for is for it to be summer and hot. So we might be waiting for a while.