Friday, May 13, 2011


Happenings of May
Kyle got a new motorcycle and Ben loves to go for rides. Kyle loves to give them as well.
Hiking to the Wind Caves in Logan

The boys making their own Pizzas

Bath Time Fun
What a PoserJust making sure the brownies taste fine before we put them in the oven.


Happenings of April

Bike ride where we ran into Jackie and Cam's whole fam damly
Fountains at the Gate Way

Fun with Pa, Hank and Jack18 Month check-up

Movie night with Pa and GrannyBen loves Diet Coke. Doesn't matter where he gets it or who has it. Once he has it in his hands he will not let go.


Happenings of March
I am a boring blogger. At least I am getting the pictures up.
Jacks Birthday Party. Kyle made a dinosaur pizza for him. He loved it.

Cookie time with Daddy

Playing around outside

Potty Training. I need some help, any tips would be great!