Thursday, March 10, 2011


Happenings of February
*Skiing at Deer Valley with Cindy*Shan's awesome 25th Surprise Birthday*Last USU Game*Family Fun*

Kyle was teaching Ben how to throw a ball up from on your back. He loves doing this with Daddy. He laughs which makes us laugh which makes for a lot of fun together.
USU's last game. We finally made it to an USU game. The crowd is so fun to listen to and watching Wild Bill just makes it even more fun. This game we got to see the whole Winnie the Poo club.

Ben loves to find new places to hid. I was practicing my guitar when Ben was snooping around and ended up in the case.
My big Surprise Birthday Bash. Kyle surprised me with the best birthday ever! He started with picking me up and making me think that we were going to SLC to walk around and shop. Instead he took me to get pedicures together. He picked out the color all by himself, and that was just the start. He took me shopping, and let me buy whatever I wanted.

Then it was to Hamilton's for a dinner, but the Birthday Bash is not over yet. The other day we were driving past the Ellen Eccels Theater in Logan and I noticed that the Music Man was playing. I told Kyle that I loved that show. I thought nothing of it because I didn't think he was listening. He didn't say anything about it. So after Hamilton's we drove in a very interesting way to the Tabernacle and parked. He told me that he missed the turn so we would just have to walk. I was so surprised when he turned onto main street and I saw that Music Man was still playing and that we were walking right to it.
It was the best birthday ever! Kyle was so thoughtful. It meant so much to me that he would go through all that planning all by himself and keep it a surprise from me. He loves telling me surprises before they happen. It was fun being pampered all day and being with my best friend.

January 2011

Happenings of January
Granny and Pa took all the little boys out to a movie. It was fun seeing all the boys trading seats throughout the movie and sharing popcorn and licorice. It sure is fun taking all the boys out all at once. Even when there is 5 adults and only 5 little boys it sure causes a lot of chaos. They always have so much fun together.
We went to visit Shane and Ellen in Rexburg to go snow-shoeing. We love being out doors and doing whatever there is to do.
Ellen got a little thirsty.
Ben loves snow-shoeing and being outdoors.

I walk out of the room for one minute and this is what I come back to. I put the popcorn on the table where I thought Ben couldn't reach it. Apparently, Ben can climb onto the chair and onto the table and back down in less then a minute. Hank was in the other room, so I know that he could not have helped him.
Popcorn all over, Ben sticking his head into the bowl, trying to lick the butter on the bottom. He was smiling so big loving every minute of his mess.
Jen (Ben's favorite Christiansen Aunt named Jen) puts fun designs on shirts turning them from boring and plain to jazzy and fun. This is one of them. This is just a tribute to Jen. She does great work.
Kyle got to go count rabbits with Cory, who is the Fish and Game Cop here in Preston. He loves doing ride-a-longs and doing anything outside.
Beautiful view
Ben got a trike for Christmas. What a great present. There is a bell on it that he loves to try and ring. He has a ball on that trike.
One day soon he will be able to reach those peddles.
Ben's first real haircut. It was long and I really did not want to cut it, but it looks so cute short. Why is it that every time you cut little boys hair, they look like they grow up so much?

He did really good. He sat there like a big boy and hardly wiggled. What a great boy!
Except for this one. Maybe he didn't like his haircut so much towards the end...