Thursday, April 22, 2010


Salt Lake City Bike Tour
This weekend we headed to Salt Lake to participate in the Salt Lake City Bike Tour. It started up by the U of U hospital and meandered its way through Sugarhouse area, Holladay area, past Granite High School as well as Liberty Park and finished at the Gateway for a total of 26 miles. It was a blast! Ben slept the whole way and loved it. We will defiantly be doing it again next year.
Here we are at the finish line.
Little Benny Bo Bo with his medal
Aunt Cindy and us at the finish line. Cindy was a trooper. We were about 3 miles or so away from the finish line and Cindy gets a flat tire on her road bike. Kyle got it pumped up and she was good to go. Then about 100 or so yards later she got another flat. She had to wait for the helper guys to come and help her, but she finished strong. It was fun biking with her.


Bens First Kayaking Adventure
Kyle has been waiting and dreaming of this day for a very long time. It was a beautiful morning to take Ben out. So we loading up and went. At first Ben liked it, but then he started crying. It was his nap time and I forgot the pacifier in the truck. Oopps. Kyle was heading back to the truck to get it, but Ben fell asleep and we got to paddle around a little bit more. We love kayaking and it is so fun to take our little guy.
Here is my big mean dad BOB and us. Ben is asleep between Kyles legs.
My two favorite boys