Wednesday, July 28, 2010


8 Months

Monday, July 5, 2010


4th of July and Rodeo Weekend

My mom bought all the boys matching shirts and horses for the rodeo. They were all so cute and had a blast with those horses.


Ben's First Haircut
Good day to give our boy a little cut. He sat very still for the most part and was very good. I can't wait till his hair grows longer so it will curl better. I love the color of his blonde hair. It is so soft and so much fun to play with.


West Piney Lodge
Every year the Egbert Family gets together for one heck of a time at West Pine Lodge.
If you are lucky enough or if you wake up real early you can caught a glimpse of the moose getting his morning drink out of the stream.
Some of the things we do at West Pine Lodge are: A lot of Hikes, Kayaking, Bike Rides, Contest of who can go down the huge slide the fastest and funniest, Kick Ball, Fish Pond, Cake Walk, Teddy Bear Picnic, Scary Walk at night, Games, Mexican Fiesta and Pinata, Talent Show and much more.
Hikes that we went to:
Lakes that we kayaked in:
Scotty ended up flipping on the river. He lost his shoes, got drenched, and had to walk through the jungle part with no shoes. Good thing his camera was waterproof. He sat in the car the rest of the time with the heaters going full blast trying not to get hypothermia.
kyle had to help get all the water out while Bob and I found his shoes.
How many bikes can you fit into one truck? How many people can you fit in one truck with all the bikes? Might be a real stinky ride but 11 is the winning number.
Bob wins for the biggest BIFF. He flipped over his bike got all bruised and scratched up. Wish he had a camera on his helmet. We could have won a lot of money on Americas Funniest Videos. Bob always has pretty good Biffs. A couple of years ago he fell down the side of the mountain with a blindfold on. He should e required to wear a camera where ever he goes.
I thought it would be fun to go through the mud. I got most of the way before a sunk.
The bike ride was so much fun. So pretty. This was at the top of the ride, next came the whoop-ti-dos all the way down the mountain.
We all love West Pine Lodge. Can't wait to go again.


I was only trying to be a good little house wife and vacuuming our house... Today I was vacuuming while kyle was home working on a project. I normally do this when he is gone. I started upstairs and when I got downstairs half way through the living room Kyle walks in and shouts, "Turn it off! Turn it OFF!". I quickly turn the vacuum off.
I ask, "Why? Whats wrong?"
"What wrong? Can't you smell that?"
"Ya, but that is how the vacuum always smells."
Apparently vacuums are not supposed to smell of burning... It has always smelled like that from the first time that I used it so I thought it was normal. We spent the next hour in a half cleaning out our vacuum. This is what we got out of it.
Ben was so tired. He just laid there waiting for us to put him to bed just watching his daddy laugh at me.
After we got the vacuum all cleaned out we re-vacuumed the upstairs. This is what we got. I knew that our vacuum was not vacuuming up everything! Next time I will know to clean out the vacuum when it is not picking stuff up. In my defense the vacuum has always smelled like that when I have vacuumed. The first little while we had it, Kyle was using it to clean up remolding dust and other stuff you clean up when you remodel. I was never home when he used it.


Amy is 21
For Amy's birthday Kyle and I thought that it would be really funny to get her a beer. Don't worry she didn't drink it, but it was really funny.


Girls Camp 2010
Cinnamon Creek, Utah
I love being in young Womans. All the girls are so much fun and such a great example to me. This years girls camp was so much fun. Kyle got to come as well as Ben and my Dad. Mandi was the camp director of her ward and their camp site was right next to ours. So I was really lucky to have half of my family there with me. All the girls were so much fun. We laughed so hard and made so many good memories.
This is the cliff that we got to kayak over to and jump off. SOOOOO SCARY!!! Kyle made me go off the tall one. I hated every minute of it.
This was inside a mining shaft. We saw a huge rat with babies in there. Freaky. The rats tail was about the size of horse. Okay, maybe not that big, but it was so big and disgusting.
Benny Boo Boo helping load the truck.
At the Fire.


Ben 7 Months
Sleeping Patterns: Not Through the night